Wave and Breakout L.L.C. (W&B) is an independent employee-owned Investment Advising and Management firm located in Orland Park, Illinois.

It is dedicated to serving the investment needs of individuals, families and small business owners.

With over 25 years of Investment and trading financial instruments, Wave and Breakout L.L.C. has the skill sets necessary to help navigate in and around the financial markets.

Services Include:

  • W&B will tailor a program for each individual client. This will include an interview session to get to know the client’s specific needs and requirements as well as a plan that will be executed by Wave and Breakout L.L.C. on behalf of the client.
  • W&B may use model allocations, equity, options and margining together with a specific set of recommendations for each client based on their personal restrictions, needs, and targets.
  • W&B will also use a Top Down analysis of the SP-500 and working down into the market leaders and individual security or index’s. This allows the firm to gauge the strength or weakness of the overall market and position assets accordingly to client’s preference.

Clients may impose restrictions in investing in certain securities or types of
securities in accordance with their values or beliefs. However, if the restrictions prevent
Wave and Breakout L.L.C. from properly servicing the client account, or if the restrictions would
require the firm to deviate from its standard suite of services, As such, Wave and Breakout, L.L.C. reserves the right to end the